New Partnership with DeFiLaunch

3 min readOct 26, 2021

What is DeFiLaunch?

DeFiLaunch: The evolution of DeFi Launches together with the best user experience.

As the first incubator with a development, marketing, communication, security, and investment team, they have created a unique and safe destination for both pre-sale investors and pre-launch projects. Synergy is essential for the success of projects.

Investors benefit from exclusive access to innovative and safe projects. Safety is paramount for our team. User experience is DeFiLaunch’s hallmark of quality.

Developers benefit from thei exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, providing increased exposure, complimentary audits, better liquidity, and a dedicated community ready to support them.

DeFiLaunch’s Mission

To promote projects with exceptional value through the development of blockchain and the best solutions for the ecosystem.

Project developers and teams that meet our strict acceptance criteria for the incubator have the unique opportunity to take advantage of our network of resources

Among them are:

Investors benefit from our approach by having access to safe and reliable projects that are nurtured for success. Transparent communication and work ethics are fundamental pillars of DeFiLaunch projects.


All projects benefit from full assistance. They provide knowledge in tokenomics, marketing and communication that helps developers focus on delivering the best possible project with as much or as little assistance as necessary. Their goal is that the project is complete and that the developers have all the tools at their disposal to make it grow. Always putting users first.

Experience in the Ecosystem. By connecting new projects with exclusive partnerships and best-in-class services that are simply not available to most new projects, they provide confidence, removing the biggest barrier to entry for most investors: fear and mistrust in new projects.

Security Benefits All incubated projects receive a full project audit from us and also from their partners. Audit processes last 2–3 months less than usual. We help provide confidence to investors.

How will DeFiLaunch help BarbecueFinance?

Barbecue aims to be MultiChain.
For that, we have to develop many new developments and launch pre-sales in different chains. DeFiLaunch will be there to help us.
They are the ones who will empower us with development, marketing and technology to reach new ports.
This is just the beginning

We’ll be having a public AMA in our Telegram group with DeFiLaunch’s CEO.

Get ready for those questions and get to know the project.

We are very excited about this new Partnership.

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Docs and White paper:

Friendly advice👀😉 : They launch in 6 days.




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