New partnership with KoalaDeFi

2 min readSep 8, 2021


We are very happy to announce our new partnership with KoalaDefi! This is another step in our strategic partnership plan to increase the presence of the protocol and enhance the DeFi Ecosystem!

What is KoalaDeFi?

Koala Defi is an crosschain Yieldfarming DAPP and crypto platform running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon chain (Matic) using the ApeSwap Exchange. Offering a safe and secure platform with great APRs and functionalities is Koala Defi’s highest priority.
Besides the regular high APR farms/pools and bushes, Koala Defi offers offer fun games, a project launchpad and NFK (functional gamified Koala NFTs) to play and earn!

What is $NALIS?

NALIS token is the main token of Koala DeFI, powering the platform.

Koala Defi’s tokens are Lyptus (BSC) and Nalis (BSC+Polygon).
Nalis is the state-of-the-art farming token while Lyptus is the governance token with some special benefits to earn.

What does this partnership mean for the Barbecue family?

First of all, our strategic plan of partnerships with different projects is another step going forward to expand the protocol and increase value for $BBQ Holders.

They will also add a Stake NALIS to earn BBQ!🍖

The Grill is now open! (coming soon)

Stake $BBQ to earn $NALIS! We’ll have a new Partnership POOL and the community will be able to earn some NALIS.

Stay tuned! We’ll have more Partnerships on our way!

In addition to this great Partnership! The NEW Barbecue Development is READY! The surprise is now finished

We thank all the community Suggestions. Enjoy…

Today more than ever:

Stake $BBQ and RELAX🔥👀🥩🚀🍖


More than 5000 people on Twitter! Thanks to the whole Barbecue family, you are truly the best!

Tasty news are coming very soon! Stay tuned for the surprises…👀








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