Token Economics

General Updates 🍖🥩

The past few days have been great as far as the Telegram and Twitter. We still have have a long way to go.

We don’t want meat to be left uneaten! Invite your friends to the barbecue.


Here is the github front-end of our yield farming app at

We´re also planning a bittersweet surprise!(…👀)

The BarbecueSwap.Finance project will officially have an initial mint of 250,000 $BBQ tokens. Once the presale is over and the platform is live the token will have an uncapped supply, controlled by our various burn systems to stay away from inflation (more on this later).

Initial supply 250.000 $BBQ tokens

  • 40% Liquidity
  • 40% Presale
  • 10% Marketing (Partnerships, Graphical Work, AMA on larger Telegram groups, Social Comunication, Airdrop)
  • 5% Bug bounties
  • 5% Team tokens (Locked)

General Tokenomics ✅

Name : BBQToken

Ticker : BBQ

Chain : BSC — Binance smart chain

Format : BEP20

Supply : Unlimited (burn mechanism in place and maximum mint per block fixed by the Masterchef)

InitialSupply = 250000000000000000000000 // 250.000 BBQs

BbqPerBlock = 4000000000000000000 // 1BBQ per Block

DevAddress = 0x8dac695150cfF66DF2Ddcc2727056e485828004f

FeeAddress = 0x088c11D25848cBd24f742e4733589Bb10745993b

MarketingAddress = 0x73EE373d0dB1042C7f3AEcc82ED62D496a3a1Cd6

MasterChef = 0x26B2081247222f44D010A1a7eC74FE9Ecc1D89eC

BBQ Presale = 0x3dFE4c1E9Ee7b6837157482AB518347C36651c4A

Deflationary mechanism ✅

We created a strong burning mechanism that increases the token price constantly

POOLS Y FARMS (%emision — Token — %fee) -> Earn BBQ

  • 15% — BBQ — 0%
  • 7.5% — BNB — 2%
  • 7.5% — BUSD — 2%
  • 35% — BBQ-BNB LP — 0%
  • 35% — BBQ-BUSD LP — 0%

Purchase BBQ and Burn

Farming : The Barbecue team will farm these burning transaction fee to create more value and to distribute it to the community (more details soon about the mechanism)

Lottery: Barbecue Lottery aims to innovate in terms of lotteries and burning mechanisms.(Coming soon)

Limited Presale 🎁✅ You need WBNB to buy $BBQ

Time and date: May 1st. 10 PM UTC

Here is some information on the presale since it has been discussed previously in detail: WBNB

Presale Token Cost: 1 BNB = 500BBQ

Presale Duration: 48hrs

The presale will be hosted on our platform at

Having our own presale platform helps us stay away from third party apps that might have scammy connotation attached to them. It also gives us independence and confidence in the project!

Block Rewards 🎂

Our decision before the presale is to set the block rewards at 1$BBQ Token per BSC Block. This will help us greatly, avoiding an overload of tokens in the beginning of the project.

The blocks are every 3 seconds.

The safer we stay, the better our community will feel and the healthier the project will be!

These are much more approachable and easy numbers. They will give an advantage to the presale investor…

In addition we will have a deflation feature, dropping the weekly minted tokens by 10%, every 15 days. 🚀🔥


Thank you for the continuous support and the trust you have in us. It means the world and it drives us to work harder and improve the project each day to have the best release possible.

Don’t forget to follow us on our official twitter and telegram channels so you don’t miss a thing!



Steak´em 🥩🚀🔥



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BarbecueSwap is a sustainable yield farming and staking platform on the BinanceSmartChain, driven by a talented team and fueled by an amazing community.