Updated Community

BUIDL Program

We have advanced a step in the BUIDL program of Apeswap. We are one step away from graduating and that is great news for the whole family.
The Apeswap team sees significant progress and that wants to say that we are accelerating the processes towards graduation!
Once graduated, APE members will be able to enjoy $BBQ directly from Apeswap.finance

We are very excited!

IGO (Initial Grill Offerings)

The second IGO of projects that wanted to use our platform was oversold (117.97%).
This is great news because a buyback is in progress. We already warned that these buybacks and burns have to be done with care and without much warning. A PUMP of this nature can cause an even larger DUMP.
What matters are the fundamentals. Just HOLD $BBQ. Great things are coming.

What’s even more important is that The Gill is gaining a LOT of trust in the ecosystem because of its pre-sale platform.

What is next?

We are making progress in the development of the Jackpot. It will be beautiful. With little risk and big returns.

Besides this comes $HBBQ. A second coin that we are working on.
BBQ, as suggested by the community, is going to reduce its emission.
We want to move forward with development. We are working 24/7.

There are going to be many changes and advances.
In addition, new partnerships are coming!

#StakeBBQandGRILL 🥩🔥🥩🍗🥩

Stay tuned to the Announcements channel. 👀🚀



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BarbecueSwap is a sustainable yield farming and staking platform on the BinanceSmartChain, driven by a talented team and fueled by an amazing community.